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>Bollywood Movies Actress Kavya Madhavan Personal life

3 Jun


She married Nishal Chandra in February 2009, but shortly after filed for divorce.[2] Kavya Madhavan was granted divorce by court on may 30, 2011.Kavya and Nishal had appeared before the Ernakulam Family Court on May 25,2011 and expressed their willingness for a mutual divorce.The actress had got married to Nishal, who was working in Kuwait, in 2008 and had left for that country in February 2009. However, she returned home in June the same year and did not go back thereafter.Divorce was finally granted by the end of may 2011.


>Bollywood Movies actress Kavya Madhavan Movie career

3 Jun


She first appeared as a child in Kamal’s film Pookkalam Varavayi (1991). Her talent was soon recognized, and she was offered other projects. When she was in ninth standard, she got an offer to play as a heroine in Lal Jose’s film Chandranudikkunna Dikhil, which became a super hit.

After her leading role, she became popular in the Malayalam film industry. It has been claimed that she was the busiest female actress in Malayalam.

She and Dileep are someimes referred to as the Golden pair. The Dileep-Kavya pairing has produced several big hits, including Chandranudikkunna Dikhil (1999) and Meesa Madhavan (2002). In 2010 the pair acted in the film Pappy Appacha.

Kavya’s films include Mizhi Randilum, Dosth, Madhura Nombarakattu, Sadananthante Samayam and Meesa Madhavan, of which the last movie earned record collections in the Malayalam film industry. Her other films include Chakkara Muthu, Iruvattam Manavatti, Annorikkal, Kochi Rajavu, Aparichithan, Perumazhakkalam, Gaurisankaram, Runway, Athisayan, Thilakkam and many more.

She has acted in a few Tamil films; Kasi was her first and only film in Tamil that performed well at the box office. She has acted with various superstars in the Malayam industry including Mammootty, Mohanlal, and Dileep.