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>bollywood movis stars Ambareesh Political career

1 Jun


Ambareesh was elected to the 12th Lok Sabha from Mandya Parliamentary Constituency as member of the Janata Dal. He later joined the Indian National Congress and has since continued to represent the same Mandya Lok Sabha constituency for two more terms. He was minister of state for Information and Broadcasting in the 14th Lok Sabha, but resigned over his dissatisfaction with the Cauvery Dispute Tribunal award, though the resignation was not formally accepted. He was defeated in the May 2009 General Elections.

During the course of his public life, he has held the following positions:

Member, 12th Lok Sabha: 1998-1999
Member, 13th Lok Sabha: 1999-2004
Member, 14th Lok Sabha: 2004-2009
Minister of State, in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, from 24 October 2006 to 2008.
Resigned as the Minister of state in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, protesting against the injustice done to Karnataka by Kaveri dispute tribunal in 2008.

>bollywood movis stars Ambareesh Film career

1 Jun


In the golden era of Kannada movies, the 70s, Puttanna Kanagal was the name that spelled magic in the Kannada film industry. A maker of several big hits, he was respected by critics as well as the masses. He was known as a man who could even make a stone emote. In 1971, Puttanna was hunting for new faces to cast in his new movie “Nagara Havu and Ambareesh’s good friend, Sangram suggested his name for a screen test much against his wishes. When the day of the screen test dawned, Ambareesh went into hiding and poor Sangram was left desperately hunting for him.

When he finally managed to locate him, he had to literally drag him to the studios [the famous Premier studios in Mysore]. The enigmatic director took one look at him and asked him go put on his make-up and get ready for his test. Ambi was so sure that he would flunk in this test.He was tested for a small but powerful part of an eve-teasing college boy and he was okayed for the part. The film also introduced Vishnuvardhan another future super star as the hero, went on to create history in the Karnataka movie industry. Ambareesh, though playing a small role named “Jaleel”, his famous dialogue was “bul bul matadakkilwa” garnered a lot of attention and the Kannada film industry got a new young villain. He played the same role when the film was remade in Hindi as Zehereela Insaan.

Ambareesh became a hero with a film titled “Amarnath”. Introduced as Hero by V.K.Ramesh (Art Director). But his first success as a hero in a film directed by his close friend Rajendra Singh Babu. The year was 1980 and the film was Antha, a record-breaking hit. The movie was remade into Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. He played a famous role called “Kanwar Lal”, his famous dialogue was “Kutte, Kanwar nahi, Kanwar Lal bolo”.

Ambareesh has acted in about 208 films, including Puttanna Kanagal movies like Paduvaaralli Pandavaru, Shuba Mangala and Ranganayaki.As in 2010, Ambareesh had acted in most films as lead actor in Kannada films surpassing superstar Dr. Raj Kumar’s record of 206 films as lead actor.Another superstar Dr.Vishnuvardhan, one of his best friends in the Kannada film industry, is another actor to act in 200 films as lead actor.

Ambareesh played in many films as the angry young man of the 1980s, and several films were tailor-made accordingly. The earliest of them was the political satire “Antha” (1981), directed by Mr. Rajendra Singh Babu and remade into Hindi and Tamil. This controversial film was the first in India to depict politicians and government officials as corrupt and villainous. Chakravyuha and “New Delhi” were made on the same lines, the first remade into Hindi as “Inqulaab”, starring Amitabh Bachchan and the second a remake of the Malayalam hit of the same name. His other notable films include Ranganayaki, Tony, Rani Maharani, Olavina Udugore, Hrudaya Haaditu, Hongkongnalli Agent Amar, Mannina Doni and Oda Huttidavaru. His performance in “Masanada Hoovu”, “Elu Suttina Kote” and the Malayalam film “Gaanam” were critically acclaimed. He also acted with legend Dr. Rajkumar. He is well known as ‘Mandyada Gandu’, Kaliyuga Karna(for his generosity), Rebel Star. He has also been awarded the State award, NTR Award by Andhra Pradesh Government and Film Fare Award{lifetime achievement award}.He was the first Kannada actor who honoured to inaugurate Mysore Dasara festival from govt of Karnataka.