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3 Jun


The Kapoor family hailed from Peshawar and were Hindkowan Punjabis but they were also landowners in the canal colony of Lyallpur, British India, which is now called Faisalabad in the Punjab province of present-day Pakistan where the family lived for a while. He was married to Krishna Kapoor, sister of actors, Rajendra Nath and Prem Nath.

Kapoor is also known to have had a longtime romantic relationship with the renowned actress Nargis during the 1950s.[citation needed] The couple starred in several films together, including Awaara and Shree 420. Due to the common rumors about the personal lives of entertainment stars it is impossible to separate the truth from gossip in these domains.

Three of Kapoor’s grandchildren are currently stars in the Bollywood film industry. His granddaughters are Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, the daughters of Raj’s son Randhir Kapoor and his wife Babita. His grandson Ranbir Kapoor, who is the son of Rishi Kapoor and his wife Neetu Singh.


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