>bollywood movis stars Bob Christo Career

1 Jun


Christo was a qualified civil engineer. Known for his muscular physique and bald headed look, Bob Christo came to Mumbai to meet Indian actress Parveen Babi,whilst awaiting a work permit to work in Muscat.

He got his first break within the Bollywood film industry, as a typecasted villain in the Hindi movie Abdullah in 1980. Christo decided to stay in India and appeared in over 200 movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. His film career restricted him to be typecasted and portray stereotypical roles such as a henchman, prisoner, lead villain’s sidekick or a British officer in pre-war related movies.

During later stages of his life, he worked as a Yoga instructor in Bangalore and remained inactive from the Hindi movie industry from 2003. Partly due to how little is known about him and partly due to the number of movies in which he has appeared, Bob Christo apparently has a cult following of sorts, with a website dedicated to him at bollybob. On Tuesday 17 June 2008 Adil Ray officially announced as part of the BBC Asian Network’s Bollywood month that he was going to search for the legend Bob, however he was unsuccessful.

The 72-year-old actor died of “rupture of left ventricle free valve” in Bangalore on 20 March 2011. Tributes were later poured all over India including a Twitter posting made by Abhishek Bachcha

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