>bollywood movies stars Aftab Ahmed Early life

25 May


Aftab Ahmed was born and spend most of his childhood in Chittagong. His first school was St. Mary’s School. In his early days Aftab was careless about playing international cricket and even thought of it as a torture. He even refused to get admitted into BKSP as he had to leave his family and friends for it. But his father was valiant fan of sports and wanted his son to become a cricketer. Aftab remained passive about his cricketing career and have the record of leaving camp. He was also frustrated about the camps as he was not been selected. He said, “I was called many times in the camp but never got a chance in the team.” But his waiting paid dividend when he finally received a call from the team. One day as he was playing he received a long awaiting call from the national team. But his father who played a major role in his emerging was unable to hear the announcement. He died during the 1999 Cricket World Cup

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